Dracaena fragrans 
If you want to decorate your house with plants and especially with some green ornamental plant, then Dracaena fragrans the most important plant for you which is a very beautiful, unique and green looking plant.   It has many names like  Corn PlantDracaena marginata and Dracaena sanderiana Dracaena fragrans is a small and late growing plant. Its leaves are 20 to 120 c.m. long, 2 to 12 c.m. less broad and dark green in glossy green color. Dracaena fragrans a house plant that prefers to grow in tropical climates. Because Dracaena fragrans grows like a tall corn plant, hence it is also called corn plant, its branches are also like corn plant and there is no steam as in corn plant. This is an ornamental plant that can live for 2 to 3 years even in low sunlight, it is a plant used for air purification. There is never any serious disease in this plant, it is easy to keep and take care of it. Dracaena fragran is from the family of flowering plants, it is an ornamental plant that lives in homes. The corn plant also has flowers and it has a very nice scent. With the help of the scent of Dracaena fragrans, many toxins living in the air are removed and also eliminated. A new plant can also be planted by cutting off its steam and dipping it in the soil, but the condition is that the soil should be moist, keep pouring the bar full of water by doing this new leaves will start coming in a few days. As this plant continues to grow, you have noticed that some of its lower leaves are turning yellow, which is very normal with this plant. You can also cut these yellowing leaves and then this plant started looking right back, the life of this plant is not much it takes only 2 to 3 years to stay in this house, this time re-potting can also be done with the help of steam

Care of Dracaena fragrans
Can't keep it in too dark nor in too much light, it is good if you keep it in filtered light only. If there is more light then its leaves may fall and if there is less light then the size and color of the leaves are reduced.  
It requires less water as compared to other ornamental plants and even needs dry sometimes let the top one inch remain dry, it's time to pour water If your Dracaena fragrans is in a good shaded place, then even if you do not pour water, then you should just stay moist. Humidity and Feeding A little humidity is needed for the corn plant or else its lungs may get spoiled. It’s good if regular  feed in spring and summer. 
T emperature
Since it is a foot related to a hot place, then the temperature 60°F (15°C) - 75°F (24°C)  for is the correct temperature. Temperatures below 12 °C can cause damage, as in such low temperatures, its leaves can burn. And remember, too cold is not good for this plant, always this plant should not be kept too cold, otherwise it will kill or get spoiled.