Rhinacanthus nasutus 
Rhincanthus nasutus is an ornamental plant with which is commonly found in gardens. It is mostly Consider as an outdoor plant and also known by snake jasmine. In india it is known by with many other names they are nagamalli, dainty spurs, gajkarni, etc. Rhinacanthus nasutus is also considered a herbal plant, which is related to humid and tropical area. Rhincanthus nasutus plant is a very unique plant, many parts of this plant are very useful, it is useful in medicine such as steams, roots and leaves Snake Jasmine has many branches and it is a flowering plant, it is a very beautiful plant grown in tropical areas.It is believed that the smell attracts snakes and in India, it has been used for the treatment of snake bite since a long time ago.

 Snake Jasmine is a green plant that grows to a height of 100 to 150 meters and whose old bottom leaves becomes grey and the top new leaves becomes green as it gets bigger. Not only the beauty of this plant should be talked about, this plant also has many medicinal benefits. Traditionally this plant is very important as a medicinal plant. If seen traditionally, this plant has been used for skin treatment for many years, so it was considered an important medical plant in ancient times. Many antioxidants are present in its roots, so it was used in India since ancient times to cure snake bites. This is a plant used in many works in India, as its paste is used for pain in the knees, chewing on leaves to get rid of snake venom when snake bites, by making a paste of the leaves of this plant and mixing it with lemon, it is considered a very good cure for ringworms and skin problems and It is also considered a very good plant to clean the blood and keep the bones of healthy.and now its powder and paste can be taken from market, it is also available on many online websites.Naphthoquinones, flavonoids and phytosterols are all chemical compounds found in this plant. Snake Jasmine may also be used to cure diseases like Dementia and Parkinson's disease.It may also be useful in curing diseases like Irritation of Psoriasis and Eczema and it is also believed that the stem of this plant is helpful in curing many skin problems such as ringworms and many other skin fungal infections. High blood pressure and hypertension are considered to be very serious diseases these days, due to these diseases many people can have problems and Snake Jasmine is believed that it can probably come in the cure of all these diseases. It also contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which can probably cure many stomach issues as well like cramps, bloating, diarrheaconstipation, gastric ulcers, and any other stomach problems. It is also believed that it can also be used in allergic problems. What's more, this plant may also be useful in preventing type 2 diabetes and curing neurodegeneration.