Mulch  Basically mulch means to cover the silt with a plastic sheet or organic thing so that the moisture of the soil is made and no more weeds are produced this is done after sowing the seeds in the soil or on the ground. As everyone knows that the temperature of the earth is increasing year by year, it has also affected the agriculture, it is a new eco-friendly technology which helps in soil evaporation, moisture the soil, maintains soil temperature, reduces weed growth and increases microbial activity.Mulch word comes from a German word molusch which means easy to decay. Mulch came into the limelight in 1930 then people came to know more and more of its benefits as water conservation, improve soil suffering from low moisture. In the olden times, mulching was mostly used for growing vegetables.Mulch can be both organic and synthetic (inorganic), both have their own advantages and disadvantages Organic mulch is made from maximum animal waste and plant residues. The use of mulch is increasing day by day as it has many benefits  
Soil MoistureThere are many reasons due to which the land becomes dry and barren, one of them is the overgrowth of waste weeds which can be prevented by mulching. The soil can also lose its nutritional value due to strong wind and rain fall and loose water from evaporation which is recovered with the help of mulch. 

Improve minimize soil compaction and erosion

 Due to high wind and rainfall, the soil is blown away, which also reduces the fertility of the land. As the grass in the ground acts as living mulch that protects the soil from erosion. Mulch also works in the same way.  
Maintain soil temperature
The soil is kept completely covered with mulch water remains in the soil, it does not evaporate and due to this the temperature does not drop and temperature of the soil remains cool.  
Increases soil fertility
Although the fertility of the soil is known from the climate and landscape of the place, but the nutrition that the soil is saved from going anywhere else is in air and water.  
There are many different types of mulches, but most of them are organic mulches, which are made from organic compost of plants and animals, which automatically increases the nutrient of the soil     
Reduce use of water 
There is a need to put less water in the crops due to the mulch. There is no shortage of water even in the scorching area due to mulch. Mulch has ability to hold water, especially from sandy soil water evaporates quickly and mulch does not allow it to dry up. 
Wood and bark Mulch
 made from wood and bark is eco-friendly which is good for micro-organism. Micro-organisms, which are good for plants and crops, tend to loosen the silt, creating air pockets that hold water in them. 
Mulch is a very cheap option which gives many benefits as well as gives an attractive look and can also save the garden from the cost of pest in the garden.